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The Stoned Templar investigates the Philosophers’ Stone and the Knights Templar. Join me on a quest as we dive down rabbit holes, ferreting out the truth about ancient aliens, creation, evolution, the Freemasons, Knights Templar, alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone, spiritual transformation, travel in the space-time continuum, and universal consciousness. Forget what you’ve been taught or think you know. You are about to step through a dimensional doorway and embark on a journey that has no destination. Be prepared to travel into the unknown! Be prepared to venture into the jungle of your mind, daring to seek answers to forbidden questions; climbing the mountain of knowledge, seeking the flower of wisdom; seeing beyond where you are NOW.


Come with me Pilgrim! I will share knowledge such as I have. As fellow fools, let us travel this rough road together. Let’s explore questions and topics others dare not ask or talk about. Join me in a quest for truth! Let's have intelligent conversations! Let's exchange thoughts and ideas! Let's be brave and unconventional. Let's hold our lantern high as we venture forth, shining light into dark crevices as we search for that which has been hidden.

Welcome to the website of award-winning author and presenter, R.E. Kretz, the Stoned Templar!

The Old Hermit explains Ancient Mysteries & reveals Sacred Secrets

Discover The Knowledge Of The Ancients

"Knowledge comes to each of us from many places and in many ways. When we have eyes that see, a tongue that is silent, ears that listen, and a heart that can recognize and appreciate it for what it is; when we are duly and truly prepared to receive it, knowledge comes."
Universal Consciousness
Who Am I?

"I am many things, yet I am nothing more than a man"; this is my reply. Some see me as an occult magus, some as a shaman. Some claim that I'm something else still. We are what we are as perceived within the construct of another’s reality. 


I'm dedicated to exploring the mysteries of natural philosophy, alchemy, the Philosophers' Stone, Universal Consciousness, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, and the Holy Grail. I believe that these ancient mysteries hold secrets that are still relevant today and I'm committed to sharing them with you. Utilizing experts in history, spirituality, and science, I bring a unique perspective to my work. Philosophy poses questions to simulate critical thinking, it doesn't provide answers. I seek the truth, I need answers! You need answers! I'm not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and explore new ideas, and I believe that you will find what I have to share enlightening and entertaining.


Being a historical researcher with a lifetime of experience with the mystical arts, I understand allegory and its occult symbology. I studied Transcendental Meditation in the 1970s, am an analyst, cryptographer, communications-electronics technician, amateur scientist, explorer, shaman, and former Freemason and Knight Templar. I've explored various forms of meditation, the operative mechanics of how it works, and how to help others understand and practice it. I blend my knowledge of diverse subjects in a way you can connect with, understand, and use, helping you achieve a higher level of spiritual consciousness. On his podcast, Poke Runyon says: “If you'd like to learn the secrets of Alchemy tune in and meet a master of the art.” Feathered Quill says: “Stay tuned for more gems to come from this master wisdom jeweler, R.E. Kretz."

Award-winning Books
by R.E. Kretz
Literary Titan Gold Book
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The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field

The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field has been professionally reviewed and acclaimed by the Feathered Quill, received an award in the “How-to” category at the San Francisco Book Festival, is a PenCraft Awards Summer 2023 Best Book Winner (Religion and Philosophy) for literary excellence, and has been reviewed and received a Literary Titan Gold Book Award (Religion and Philosophy) that says: “This book serves as an inspiring catalyst, encouraging readers to embark on an introspective journey towards uncovering the Kingdom of Heaven within, presented with utmost clarity and captivating prose.”

Blending alchemy and shamanism against a backdrop of freemasonry, I present meditation as a guide for self-discovery in today’s turbulent world. From a Christian perspective the book is about how we can improve our conversations with God through prayer. It also serves as a self-help how-to guide for those who are troubled or struggling with addiction to be better than they once were. Readers will benefit from the amount of “wow, I didn’t know that” knowledge presented in a way they can connect with, understand, and practice.

Published by Inner Traditions, this remarkable book is a treasure map for the scientific and personal pursuit of that which is hidden, the divine, through meditation. It’s as Magical as it is Alchemical! The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field is divided into three sections – Bell, Book, and Candle – that parallel the three degrees of Masonry. In the first section, Bell, we answer the call as an initiate with a historical introduction. In the second section, Book, we climb the mountain of knowledge, discussing the operative mechanics of the Philosophers’ Stone from the perspective of a 16th century alchemist, drawing on sacred geometry to arrive at a chakra Hermetic Yoga arrangement on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. I teach you how to create the Philosophers’ Stone within yourself using the Hermetic elements and the electrical network of our nervous system. In the third section, Candle, my accounts of cross-cultural training by a contemporary Native American Shaman form one of the most moving and enlightening parts of the book. Using nature-based lessons we’re illuminated and guided on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, searching for the flower of wisdom, purging our ego to become better than we once were, learning the secrets of life, death, and rebirth.

My Books

“This remarkable book is as Magical as it is Alchemical. The author teaches us how to create the Philosophers Stone within ourselves using the Hermetic elements and the electric network of the human nervous system. He draws on ancient Greek Pythagorean math and geometry arriving at a full seven chakra Hermetic Yoga arrangement on the Qabalistic Tree of Life that is nearly identical to one we use. His cross-cultural training is in Native American Shamanism and his accounts of his apprenticeship under a modern shaman form one of the most moving and enlightening parts of the book."

Poke Runyon, host of The Hermetic Hour

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